Thomas Schlorke

Thomas Schlorke | Dresden


When it comes to personal definition, I primarily specify myself as street and
documentary photographer with several years of experience in press work,
event and editorial imaging for various clients, agencies, partners and friends.
I also deal with environmental portraiture and product staging. As an autodidact,
exploring photography since 1999 and working as full-time freelancer since 2009,
I like challenging myself regularly with changing topics and contemporary issues.
Therefore I have less personal limitations to just few niches, due to the high
potential of the medium and the many aesthetic options in capturing environ-
ment and human being in arranged, coincidental or fateful situations.

Eventually, I am attracted to rather unstaged, authentic images, made in non-
studio environments, urban or natural areas, on travels or somewhere in between.
It is simple intuition that keeps me going in essential, photographic moments to
find and visually tell something emotive, ironic and/or particularly ambiguous.